Why Use Liquid Fertiliser?

There are many farmer benefits which can be summarised as follows:

Why Use Liquid Fertiliser?


The sprayer boom delivers an exact amount of liquid fertiliser to each jet. Therefore every square metre of the field receives a precise amount of plant nutrient on each application. This is particularly important on headlands, which are fertilised right up to the crop margin, resulting in the optimum degree of crop uniformity and improved yields.

More efficient use of labour.

A bulk liquid fertiliser system is the ultimate fertiliser system in terms of efficient use of manpower. With no farm labour involved in off-loading, all loading work done by pumps and no bags or pallets to dispose of, the sprayer operator is able to work efficiently all-day long, without fatigue.

More efficient use of machinery.

What could be more efficient in terms of matching up the tramlines and slashing machinery deprecation costs, than to use the same machine for both spraying and "spreading"? This a true "one machine for two tasks" approach which entirely cuts out the need for a fertiliser spreader, thus making big savings on deprecation, maintenance and finance costs.

More efficient use of farm buildings.

Farmers who use granular fertilisers often use farm buildings to store fertiliser for long periods of time. Our liquid fertiliser is stored in a tank on farm and delivered as and when you want it, thus freeing up valuable storage space for other most cost-effective uses.

Better for the environment.

Our bulk liquid system needs no packaging. As a result there is no need for any disposal costs associated with granular fertiliser bags and pallets. Granular fertiliser bags are made from non-degradable plastic designed for "single-trip" and are not reusable hence are a demand on natural resources.

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