Why Use Landowner?

Landowner understands farming. We work hard to ensure that we meet the demands of our farmers providing quality, FIAS approved, liquid fertilisers and foliar feeds.

Why Use Landowner?

Our Vast Experience.

30 years manufacturing and advice

Landowner has been manufacturing and distributing liquid fertiliser nationwide for over 30 years. We have FACTS trained advisors and therefore can advise on the best products and application techniques for your needs.

Dedicated Transport.

Independant fleet that's ready to go

Landowner has its own fleet of articulated tankers and as such can deliver liquid fertiliser to you exactly when and where you want it. We are not dependant on third party hauliers.

Contractor Application.

Hassle free application on your behalf

We work with a large number of contractors through the UK; As such we can arrange contractor application on your behalf saving you time, money and effort.

Storage Solutions.

All storage tank requirements solved

Whether you have an existing tank that needs replacing or have no tank at all, Landowner can offer you a storage solution to meet with your requirements.

Custom Made Products.

Cost effective fertiliser for your crops

As well as our extensive standard product range, Landowner offers tailor-made products to suit your specific requirements. Whether your soil indices indicate a need for extra N-P or K, or your crops are showing specific nutrient deficiencies, Landowner can manufacture a liquid to suit. This has the significant advantage of buying exactly what you need, thus ensuring the most cost effective fertiliser for your crops.

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