Nitrogen Inhibitors

Save N is a dicyandiamide-based nitrogen inhibitor which is proven to reduce leaching and to improve N efficiency. It is particularly beneficial for grassland and cereals.

Save N
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Save N.

Save N works by interrupting the nitrogen cycle and ensures that soil nitrogen is held in the ammonium stage for longer, thus significantly reduced leaching and denitrification losses of nitrate, both from fertilisers and organic manures.

For a variety of crops, Save N can be added to our liquid fertiliser during manufacture, thus saving further application costs, or sprayed directly on to the soil for use with manures and slurries or urea –based fertilisers, on which it is particularly cost-effective.

Save N is non-toxic, non-hazardous and does not leave any residues. Depending on application rates, is remains active in the soil for between 80 to 100 days.

The Benefits.

  • Can help to increase quality and yield. 1.
  • Saves ‘N’ inputs. 2.
  • Helps with pollution control by reduced leaching. 3.

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