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QLF Agronomy’s liquid carbon based fertilisers are a combination of complex carbon sources with balanced crop nutrients designed to improve the health and productivity of your soils.

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Landowner Liquid Fertilisers are proud to be working with QLF Agronomy to bring QLF’s Liquid Carbon Based Fertiliser to the UK Agricultural market. This Liquid Carbon technology is designed to feed the soil microbes in order to increase the health and productivity of your soils.

Lquid Carbon Based Fertiliser is becoming recognised as an important input to maximise crop yields.

For years focus has been directed purely towards N-P- K-S fertilisers with little regard as to the soil itself, and in many cases, over application of Nitrogen has resulted in diminished carbon within the soil.

Readily-available carbon is the most critical nutrient for the growth and health of soil microbe populations, as well as populations of small soil vertebrates. By ensuring an adequate supply of Carbon using L-CBF BOOST™ (or alternative QLF L-CBF Products) the health and productivity of the soil is improved, resulting in countless crop benefits as detailed within QLF Agronomy’s extensive research and farm trials <link to QLF Agronomy members section.

L-CBF Boost, along with QLF’s other L-CBF Products can be incorporated into any of Landowner’s products at point of manufacture or can be delivered separately for mixing and application on the farm.

Please visit QLF Agronomy’s website for further information on Liquid Carbon Based Fertilisers and to see the full range of L-CBF Products that Landowner can offer.

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