Landowner foliar magnesium and nitrogen together provide a ‘two-in-one’ application for all varieties of potatoes designed to accelerate the speed of uptake and plant utilisation.

Magnitate Fertiliser
Landowner Liquid Fertilisers

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Where To Use.

Magnitate is specifically formulated for application to potatoes. To be tank mixed with the blight spray.

Foliar Magnesium and Nitrogen. Contains 2% Magnesium and 12% Nitrogen w/v.

The Benefits.

  • Immediate plant uptake 1.
  • 'Two-in-one' application 2.
  • Enables N and Mag to be applied with the blight spray 3.

Who Recommends Us.

  • "We started using Landowner fertilisers over 30 years ago and have always had consistent results. By using liquids we can justify having a better sprayer on the farm and the benefit of using 20:2:3 with sulphur as our main top-dressing."

    Trevor Tabernor, Stafford

  • "We have used a wide variety of foliar feeds on our maize; Fosfol is by far the most cost-effective and we are very satisfied with it."

    Paul Hinwood, Worcestershire

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Technical Information.

  • Application rates:
  • Apply 7.5 litres / hectare in 200 litres of water per hectare with every blight spray.
  • Mixing:
  • Quickly disperses in water. Agitate whilst mixing and spraying.
  • Compatibility:
  • Magnitate will mix with most blight sprays but compatibility must always be checked by mixing a small amount in the correct ratios, adding the Magnitate to the water followed by the blight spray. Avoid application of Magnitate and blight spray during periods of rapid growth or crop stress.
  • Water Rate:
  • Conventional sprayer 220 litres/hectare
  • Precautions:
  • For best results apply Magnitate when the crop is actively growing. Avoid spraying during very high temperatures and bright sunlight.

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