Landowner foliar phosphate is beneficial in a variety of crops, particularly potatoes and maize. Phosphate may be plentiful in the soil but inadequate uptake by the crop will cause deficiency which will affect growth and yield.

Fosfol Fertiliser
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Where To Use.

Recommendations for Potatoes: For all varieties; early, second early, main crop and seed – apply 17.5 litres / ha at tuber initiation.

Recommendations for maize – apply 20 litres/ ha when deficiency is first noticed, repeat as necessary.

Foliar Phosphate. Contains 20% Phosphate w/v, 8% Nitrogen w/v.

The Benefits.

  • Directly applied to plant resulting in quick absorption 1.
  • No risk of leaching 2.
  • Can increase tuber numbers and size 3.

Who Recommends Us.

  • "We started using Landowner fertilisers over 30 years ago and have always had consistent results. By using liquids we can justify having a better sprayer on the farm and the benefit of using 20:2:3 with sulphur as our main top-dressing."

    Trevor Tabernor, Stafford

  • "We have used a wide variety of foliar feeds on our maize; Fosfol is by far the most cost-effective and we are very satisfied with it."

    Paul Hinwood, Worcestershire

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Technical Information.

  • Water Rate:
  • Using standard nozzles apply 30 litres/ha of Fosfol in 200-400 litres water.
  • Timing:
  • Apply at tuber initiation (about the time when the foliage meets across the rows).
  • Mixing:
  • Add Fosfol to clean water in a half-filled spray tank, mix well and add the remainder of the water. All tank mixes should be used immediately and kept under constant agitation.
  • Compatibility:
  • Fosfol may be used with a wide range of blight sprays and trace elements.

    N.B. Yield will be affected by soil climate and other local conditions.

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