Folseafeed is an all-natural crop stimulant that is approved by the Soil Association for use on organic farms. It stimulates the plant’s natural response to give bigger yields as it contains macro-nutrients and trace elements.

Folseafeed Fertiliser
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Where To Use.

Folseafeed has 30% seaweed solids which means it is most beneficial for potatoes but can also be used on grassland, cereals and vegetables and is applied at 7 litres/hectare.

The Benefits.

  • All natural product1.
  • Aids root development2.
  • High Concentration of seaweed solids3.

Who Recommends Us.

  • "We started using Landowner fertilisers over 30 years ago and have always had consistent results. By using liquids we can justify having a better sprayer on the farm and the benefit of using 20:2:3 with sulphur as our main top-dressing."

    Trevor Tabernor, Stafford

  • "We have used a wide variety of foliar feeds on our maize; Fosfol is by far the most cost-effective and we are very satisfied with it."

    Paul Hinwood, Worcestershire

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Technical Information.

  • Compatibility:
  • Folseafeed is compatible with all Landowner liquid fertilisers and blight sprays.
  • Timing:
  • Apply at tuber initiation – 14 days following.
  • Water rate:
  • 100-400 litres/hectare according to crop cover
  • Mixing:
  • Add to water first. All tank mixes should be used immediately and kept under constant agitation.
  • Precautions:
  • For best results apply Folseafeed when the crop is actively growing. Avoid spraying during very high temperatures and bright sunlight.

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