Potato Fertiliser

The use of liquid fertilisers offer the potato grower a versatile and highly effective means of applying the major crop nutrients.

Potato Fertiliser
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Liquid fertiliser is the most flexible and highly efficient system of providing nutrients for potatoes. All of our liquid solutions provide nutrients in a water-soluble form, so all of the NPK and S supplied is available to the growing crop. This is particularly important on rented land when the potato grower has no crop yield advantage from subsequent crops.

Liquid fertiliser can be either broadcast or more commonly “placed” (usually at 50mm to the side and 50mm below the seed tuber) at planting. Placing liquid fertiliser lends itself equally well to either a row or bed system and has the following advantages:

  • By placing liquid fertiliser in the moist root zone, nutrients are placed exactly where the crop needs them for optimum growth, without the risk of scorching tender tubers and roots, often associated with placed granular fertiliser. 1.
  • Placement has the added advantage of only applying fertiliser to the cropped part of the field; on many fields 10-12% is made up of un-planted areas and tramlines, and it is unavoidable to fertilise these when using granular fertiliser. In this way, farmers who adopt a placed liquid system can make genuine cost savings and at the same time are farming in the most responsible environmental manner. 2.

It is also easy to meter liquid fertiliser accurately and to vary application rates to achieve specific economic NPK levels; this would depend on soil status, potential yield as well as other factors.

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