Oil Seed Rape Fertiliser

Using Landowner Liquid Fertilisers for oil seed rape optimises crop nutrients accurately to each square metre of the field.

Oil Seed rape
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Oil seed rape responds well to applied nitrogen and sulphur and it is important to maintain phosphate and potash indices at index 2 or above to achieve optimum yields. We recommend that all fields should be sampled every 4 or 5 years to check soil status.

Below are examples of typical recommendations for landowner liquids on oil seed rape:

  Typical Application  
  Situation Solution Total N:p:k kg/ha Total L/ha  
Autumn seedbed 2:5:11 20:50:110 800
Spring top-dressing, P+K already applied N28+S 220:0:0+S 630
Fertile soil, some Spring supplementation needed 20:2:3+S 200:20:30+S 800
Less fertile soil, less yield potential 16:2:5+S 180:23:56 900

Phosphate and Potash.

Careful consideration should be given to phosphate and potash inputs for each crop, according to yield potential and soil indices. It is essential to match crop need and removal of nutrients by applying the correct amount of fertiliser to replace it.


Oilseed rape will usually respond well to an application of sulphur on all mineral soils. Where deficiency has been recognised or is suspected, 50-75 kg SO3/ha as a sulphate-containing fertiliser should be applied in early spring. Sulphur deficiency symptoms include stunting, interveinal yellowing of middle and upper leaves and pale flower petals.

All Landowner nitrogenous fertiliser contain sulphur to ensure that this element is available to the crop throughout its growing period and additional sulphur can be added to all grades as required.

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