Grassland Fertiliser for Grazing

The use of Landowner liquid fertiliser on grassland for grazing is a simple way of ensuring accurately applied N-P-K at the right time to maximise grass growth.

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Landowner Liquid Fertilisers

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Where grassland is to be used for intensive grazing, there is a large daily requirement for Nitrogen which varies over the summer months. Phosphate and potash are also required throughout the growing season and are commonly applied in our compound liquid fertilisers.

Our typical liquid fertilisers used on grazed land are shown in the table below:

Landowner Liquid Fertilisers with Sulphur:

  Typical Application (Total N:P:K kg/ha)  
  Landowner Product (N:P:K+S) N P K S  
20:2:3+S 75 8 12 Yes
N28+S 75 0 0 Yes
16:2:5+S 75 10 24 Yes

Landowner Liquid Fertilisers with Sodium:

  Typical Application (Total N:P:K kg/ha)  
  Landowner Product (N:P:K+S) N P K S  
16:2:3+Na 125 23 35 Yes

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