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Sulphur has particular importance in silage and hay production and sulphur deficiencies are becoming much more common due to greatly reduced atmospheric pollution and reduced use of basic slag.

Symptoms of sulphur deficiency are very similar to those of Nitrogen deficiency, ie palish green, yellowing leaves and are most likely to occur on light soils where multiple cuts are taken and where no farmyard manure or slurry is used. Intensively farmed grassland requires almost as much sulphur as phosphate (40 kg sulphur/hectare) and optimum growth is achieved only when adequate amounts of sulphur are present.

The addition of our nitrogen inhibitor, SAVE N can be added to our grassland liquid fertilisers and helps to improve N efficiency and can reduce the number of applications.

Typical Landowner liquid fertiliser options for conservation grassland are shown in the table below:

First Cut Silage Options:

  Typical Application (Total N:P:K kg/ha)  
  Landowner Product (N:P:K+S) N P K S  
20:2:3+S 125 13 20 Yes
N28+S 125 0 0 Yes
16:2:5+S 125 16 40 Yes
  With Save N  
20:2:3:+S 170 17 26 Yes
N28+S 170 0 0 Yes
16:2:5+S 170 22 53 Yes

Second Cut Silage Options:

  Typical Application (Total N:P:K kg/ha)  
  Landowner Product (N:P:K+S) N P K S  
20:2:3+S 100 10 15 Yes
16:2:5+S 100 13 30 Yes
  Where Save N used earlier  
9:2:9+S 55 12 55 Yes

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