Cereal Fertiliser

Liquid fertiliser is particularly suitable for cereals as it is the most accurate way of applying nutrients to these crops. The 3 forms of nitrogen contained within our N and high-N compounds, ensure that the crop receives a steady supply of nutrients throughout the growing season.

Cereal Fertiliser
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Typical N-P-K application rates for cereals.

Application rates will vary greatly, depending on soil type, previous cropping, manures used and yield expectations and our FACTS qualified agronomists are able to provide advice for particular needs. As examples only, listed on table are some typical rates for winter wheat to suit a variety of farm situations.

Cereals do benefit from Spring applications of P and K, particularly in a water-soluble form. Our liquid solutions such as 20:2:3 and 16:2:5 offer growers the perfect opportunity to apply these nutrients in a "little and often" approach, to enhance yields.

Applications can be split as required; for winter wheat this could typically be:

1. End of February     2. End of March     3. End of May

  Typical Application  
  Situation Solution Total N:p:k kg/ha Total L/ha  
Fertile soil, P+K already applied N28+S 200:0:0+S 570
Fertile soil, 70kg/ha autumn applied K, as MOP 20:2:3+S 200:20:30+S 800
Less fertile soil, 100kg autumn applied K and second wheats 20:2:3+S 220:22:33+S 880
Less fertile soil, mixed rotation, less yield potential 16:2:5+S 180:23:56 900

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