Sprayer Application

Farm sprayers are specifically designed to deliver high work rates and consistent accuracy. Most of these sprayers are now capable of handling liquid fertilisers and need very little adaptation to apply it safely and accurately. Alternatively Landowner liquid fertilisers can be contractor applied.

Sprayer Application

Landowner liquid fertiliser can be applied by any high capacity sprayer which is fitted with dribble bars or nozzles, the use of either ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Many sprayer manufacturers have their own range of nozzles or dribble bars and there are many other systems available. The diagram below shows the fundamental difference between nozzle and dribble bar application.

Dribble Bars:

Dribble bars offer an alternative to nozzles and the main advantage of using dribble bars is that the parallel application pattern is unaffected by boom height. However, dribble bars are larger and can be prone to moving out of alignment.

There are various dribble bars available and some of the more common are as follows:

Bateman Accu-Rate bar – produces four vertical streams from each ½ metre of bar. It features a stainless steel rotary flow restrictor allowing quick and easy application rate adjustment. Bateman also produce a shorter version for use at hinge points in the boom.

BFM Streamer – produces four vertical streams from each ½ metre of bar and has a rotary selector with five different settings.

CM Streambar Multirate – offers six different application rate settings which are adjusted using a slide carrying different sized flow restrictors.

Dribble Bars

Sprayer Nozzles:

There are a large number of sprayer nozzles on the market which give a number of options when it comes to how the liquid fertiliser is applied. It is important to select the correct nozzles for each application; whether it is a general purpose top dressing of liquid fertiliser or a specific agrochemical / foliar feed application to a particular crop.

Some of the more common fertiliser nozzles used are as follows:

Hardi Quintastream - produces a symmetrical pattern of five streams but with a higher volume from the central one than from the outer overlapping streams.

TeeJet StreamJet SJ-7 - produces seven symmetrical liquid streams of equal volume.

Albuz EXA - produces three solid streams from one vertical and two slightly angled outlets to give a more positive delivery into a crop canopy.

Sprayer Nozzles

Application Rates.

Landowner liquid fertilisers are expressed as weight / weight (w/w) which is kg of N:P:K:S per 100 kg of product. Some other manufacturers will express liquid fertilisers as weight / volume (w/v) which is kg of N:P:K:S per 100 litres of product. It is important to distinguish between the two so as to apply the correct amounts.

To convert between weight / weight and weight / volume please see the simple formulas below:

N:P:K:S (weight / weight) x specific gravity (s.g.) = N:P:K:S (weight / volume)
N:P:K:S (weight / volume) ÷ s.g. = N:P:K:S (weight / weight)

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Contractor Application.

We work with a range of contractors throughout the UK, all of which can provide their own liquid storage and the latest sprayer technology. Having your Landowner liquid fertiliser contractor applied is a hassle free way of ensuring that your fertiliser is correctly and accurately applied, exactly when your crops want it.

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